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Saint John's Chapel, Glanrhyd

Saint John's Chapel in Glanrhyd, formally known as Saint John's Mission, was funded by Colonel F.R.D.A. Gough in February 1928. It's mentions in the local Llais newspaper seem to reach their height in the late 1930s and early 1940s, examples of which are shown below.

From "Y Daflen", the newsletter of the Ystradgynlais Heritage and Language Society (with which these websites are not associated) say that "for many years it was used as the meeting place of the local Darby and Joan Club", and that the "site was sold for redevelopment in 2009 and was later demolished in October 2012".

The site of the chapel is now cut through by the new entrance road to the new Glanrhyd primary school, Ysgol Brow Tawe.

From the Llais

From the South Wales Voice newspaper, 25th January 1936:-


The members of St. John's Church, Glanrhyd, are holding a whist drive at the new Church Hall on Wednesday evening next. Valuable prizes are offered.

From the South Wales Voice 20th January 1940:-


The Rev D. Granville Lloyd-Jones, B.A. will officiate at St. John's Church, Glanrhyd, on Sunday

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