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Godre'Rhos Chapel, Crynant

Godre'Rhos Chapel, Crynant, was originally built in 1754 and was rebuilt to its current construction in 1855 by architect Thomas Thomas of Landore. When I visited this Chapel I was searching for War Graves and/or Remembrance Graves within the cemetery. However there was a service in progress and afterwards the minister allowed me to take some photographs of the interior of this very beautiful little chapel.

The plaque on Godre'Rhos Chapel, Crynant, showing it was originally built in 1754 and rebuilt in 1855.

The rose upon the ceiling at Godre'Rhos Chapel, Crynant.

Godre'Rhos Chapel, Crynant

The lectern inside Godre'Rhos Chapel.

A view from the side of the lectern, including the clock behind.

The pews in Goodre'Rhos Chapel are of the enclosed box type.

Looking up over the pews to the gallery.

The benches up on the gallery.

The windows of Godre'Rhos Chapel.

The collecting boxes in Godre'Rhos Chapel.

There were two Bibles, each containing a first page written in Welsh, but not able to read or understand Welsh I took a photograph and asked the deacon of Pantteg Chapel, who had given me permission to document Pantteg Cemetery, if he would translate the first page for me. That was in 2006 and unfortunately Mr David Aneurin Griffiths B.A. passed away in 2009, but below I have included his translations:

1/ This Bible was donated to Godre'r Rhos Chapel by Elwyn Evans for the use of the Deacons Seat as a token of thanks for every 'lesson of enlightment' and blessing which he received here, throughout his early life.
True is the word which merits being received
May 28th 1950

2/ Donated to Godre'r Rhos Chapel on the occasion of its renewal (refurbishing) by Roger Jones and Rachel Jane Jones - Ynyslas
In fondest memory of their parents
Whitsun 1950

Ministers of Godre'Rhos

From the South Wales Voice of Saturday December 3rd 1932 came a lengthy article on the centenary of Sardis Chapel, containing a lot of information about Godre'rhos, since the chapels had shared a common minister for most of the 19th century.

After dying out, the methodist cause was revived with the increased population in the early part of the century. The first Cwmgiedd chapel was erected in 1804 and was said to be the first methodist chapel in the Swansea Valley. It is very evident that independents lived in the neighbourhood over 100 years ago and there were members at Cwmllynfell, at Tynycoed, at Godrerhos. The cause at Cwmllynfell dates back to the 17th century, while the cause at Godre'rhos was started at 1720 and that at Tynycoed somewhere about 1750.
In 1842 Mr Henry Rees, a member of Capel Als, Llanelli, was ordained pastor of Sardis and Godre'rhos. His ministry was a very successful one, as the debt was cleared and schoolhouses were built to hold sunday school and week night services at Cwmgiedd and Penrhos. The church went on from success to success until the year 1859.
In 1869 the Reverend Harry Rees, emigrated to America and ministered for many years in Eniporia, Kansas, where he passed away in 1897. Mr Rees was regarded as one of the most striving ministers of his day. It was said of him, concerning Godre'rhos and Ystrad that he was an evangelical preacher and completely immersed in his work. He never endeavoured to take part in any of the prominent Welsh festivals. He formed branches at Cwmgiedd, Penrhos, and Glantawe. He was chiefly responsible for the foundation of Bethel Chapel, Cwmtwrch, and the church was in his care for 2 years. During that time he preached 3 times on Sundays. Another picture of him is revealed in the story of how Godre'rhos chapel was renovated in 1855. It was decided that all the stones were to be worked from a quarry and to be conveyed free of charge by the neighbours.
In 1871 the Reverend R W Roberts, Pentrefoelas, came as minister, he being 51 at the time. He served Sardis until 1882, continuing as pastor at Godre'rhos for 3 years after that date. He took a prominent part in the founding of Soar Chapel, Seven Sisters, and the cause was under his charge for some time. He passed away in 1889 and was laid to rest in the graveyard at Godre'rhos.
The pastorate of the Reverend W Moelfryn Morgan which commenced in September 1886 marked the start of a new era in religion. Mr Morgan came from Nottingham College and resigned the pastorate of Godre'rhos in 1898 and Sardis in 1910. There was a great increase in the population during the pastorate of Mr Morgan, with a comparative increase in membership.



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