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Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Church

Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Church is located on Pantyffynon Road, Ystradgynlais, along the riverbank, adjacent to St Cynog's Church Hall and close to where Ynyscedwyn School was located.

Construction of Sacred Heart began in May 1938 and it was officially opened on 22nd January 1939. In 1944, the Salvatorian Fathers took over the running of the church. Ystradgynlais is part of the Roman Catholic diocese of Menevia, which was the ancient Roman name for Saint David's, and equates with the area that once comprised the diocese of Saint David's in the distant past.

Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Church, on Pantyfynnon Road, Ystradgynlais, with the vicarage next door.


Blessed by Bishop McGrath in 1939
Catholicism in Ystradgynlais goes back to pre reformation days when Wales belonged to the Western District and was administered by the Benedictines and after the Reformation by the Franciscans

Quote from Faces and Places of the Parish of Ystradgynlais Vol. II by T J Davies

The times of services displayed outside the church


Above - looking towards Sacred Heart as you pass St Cynog's Church Hall on your left

Left - looking towards Sacred Heart if you are approaching rrom the direction of The Chameleon

This photograph shows the rear of Sacred Heart RC Church, centre, placing it in its locality with the old Ynyscedwyn School on one side, and showing how close it is to Saint Cynog's cemetery.


This is a close-up of the rear of Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Church, Ystradgynlais, showing its brick construction. The adjoining building is the vicarage.

Golden Jubilee

On 22nd January 1989, Sacred Heart Church, Ystradgynlais celebrated its Golden Jubilee, with the Bishop of Menevia, Daniel J. Mullins overseeing the celebrations.

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