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Rehoboth Apostolic Chapel

Rehoboth Apostolic Chapel, Cwmllynfell is located at the far end of Cwmllynfell, on the right-hand side of the road before you leave the village and head towards Cefn Bryn Brain. It has either been recently sold or of Summer 2019 remains for sale, according to information available on the internet, though there are no boards present outside the building. The name stone says that it was erected in 1953.

Below is the name stone for the chapel, located directly above the door. The date given on it is peculiarly specific, and seems to refer to the day the chapel was opened, as per the newspaper article in the Llais.

BUILT NOV 7 1953

From the Llais

The South Wales Voice newspaper reported on events not just in the Swansea Valley, but also the Amman and Dulais valleys.

The South Wales Voice newspaper for Friday 13th November 1953 reports on the opening of Rehoboth Apostolic Chapel:-


The new Apostolic Church, recently completed, at Gwilym Road, was duly opened on Saturday. There was a large congregation at the opening service and a similar attendance at the services which followed on Saturday evening, throughout Sunday and on each evening of this week up to last night.

Eighteen converts were baptised during the Sunday afternoon service. The chief preacher was Pastor Idwal Evans, Edgware.

Views of Rehoboth Apostolic Chapel

These photographs of Rehoboth Apostolic Chapel were taken in August 2019. The chapel had closed, and was either sold but not converted, or still for sale.


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