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Ystradgynlais Aircraft Crash Sites
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Thanks to John Lewis for making the information available, and to the Brecon Beacons National Park for publishing it in the 1990s. This section of our website contains a summary of this information, whlst all photographs of aircraft are from Wikipedia Commons, and are intended to provide a generic picture of each aircraft type. The extract from the map, displayed to the right, is copyright Brecon Beacons National Park and is used for indicative purposes only.

The information from the booklet is used with the knowledge and kind permission of its author, Mr Wynford Roberts.

As one of the United Kingdom's main mountain ranges, and as one of the airforce's major training centres, the Brecon Beacons has had its fair share of aircraft crashes over the years. We have chosen 15 here, whose dates cover the period 1939 to 1966, and which are those closest to Ystradgynlais, being in the area of the Brecon Beacons bounded by Brecon in the East and Glynneath in the South. Of these, ten crashed during World War 2, three either just before or just after, one in the early 1950s, and one in the mid 1960s.

They are divided below by general location, the date in brackets is when they crashed; click on any to go to their individual webpage:-

Black Mountain

1) Wellington (20/11/44) 2) Anson (17/1/39) 3) Vampire (9/10/53)
4) Lancaster (5/9/43) 5) Wellington (25/9/42) 6) Liberator (24/8/44)

Glynneath & Hirwaun

7) Wellington (19/9/39) 9) Mustang (7/9/45) 10) Hornet (30/9/46)

Fforest Fawr

8) Vulcan (11/2/66)    

Beacons South of Brecon

11) Proctor (12/1/45) 12) Spitfire (3/11/41) 13) Spitfire (23/5/42)
14) Lysander (9/10/42) 15) Wellington (6/7/42)  


A Vulcan similar to XH536 which crashed in the Brecon Beacons in 1966. Photograph from Wikipedia Commons.

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