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Soar Chapel, Seven Sisters

Soar Chapel, Seven Sisters


Situated on Pen-y-Banc, Seven Sisters, next to the primary school, Soar Chapel was a congregational establishment, constructed in 1878. It had an adjacent cemetery, that remains at the rear of the empty land and mound of rubble that now is all that remains of the chapel.

Postcard of Soar Chapel, Seven Sisters

Postcard of Soar Chapel, Seven Sisters, showing its location next to the school on Pen-y-banc.

Soar Chapel, Seven Sisters, being demolished

The second photograph shows the demolition of Soar Chapel underway in 2016-2017.

The Site of Soar Chapel Today

Pen-y-banc, Seven Sisters

Gate to Soar, Seven Sisters

The gate on the right-hand side, which probably provided pedestrian access.

Entrance to Soar, Seven Sisters

The small pedestrian gate, next to the sweep of the driveway on the left hand side.

Remains of Soar, Seven Sisters

One of the piles of rubble, being the remains of Soar Chapel, Seven Sisters

Maybe the captstone

Possibly the cap-stone

The area of land

The area of land that the chapel and its grounds formerly occupied

The graveyard behind

Up towards the graveyard behind where Soar Chapel was

Soar Chapel graveyward

Soar Chapel graveyard, Seven Sisters

Ministers of Soar Chapel, Seven Sisters

Thank You to David whose Pillars of Faith website provides the information up to the 1930s: www.ministers.pillars-of-faith.com

David Morgan

David Morgan was minister of Soar Chapel, Seven Sisters from 1878 to 1898. He had previously been minister of Onllwyn from 1872 to 1907 and of Hermon, Ystradfellte from 1873 to 1907.

Edmund Davies

Edmund Davies was minister of Soar, Seven Sisters from 1899 to 1924. He had previously been minister of Hebron, Cymmer (Afan) from 1892 to 1899.

John Seymour Rees

John Seymour Rees was minister of Soar Congregational Chapel from 1927. He was previously minister of Ebenezer, Cefn Coed from 1915 to 1922 and of Tabor, Cefn Coed from 1917 to 1922, then of Hermon, Treorchy from 1923 to 1927.

From The Llais

The Llais newspaper had always included a round-up of happenings at local churches and chapels, even when these were not part of any particular story. Sometimes they advertised forthcoming events, and at other times who was preaching, or had preached there recently.

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