Chapels and Churches of Coelbren

Coelbren, also spelt Colbren, currently has one active place of worship - Coelbren Church, known in Welsh as Capel Coelbren. When the Baptist Church closed down, its remaining congregation continued to worship by renting a room in Coelbren Church.

Coelbren Church is located on Heol Eglwys, which runs the length of Coelbren. It is an Anglican, Church in Wales, establishment and parts of the building, at least, date to the Elizabethan period.
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Moriah Chapel was a Welsh Baptist establishment, having its origins in Nant-y-Ffin in Penycae, and was constructed in 1910, once it became numerically impractical for Coelbren's Baptists to continue to travel the winding lane down to the mother chapel.
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Coelbren Chapels and Churches