Chapels and Churches of Cwmllynfell

Cwmllynfell has two remaining active places of worship, Cwmllynfell Chapel which is independent/congregationalist, and Brynllynfell Chapel which is Methodist. In addition, the Anglican, Church in Wales church of Saint Margaret's, Ystradowen is just down the road, outside of the current borders of Cwmllynfell, but in the past was often said to be within it.

Berea Chapel was a zinc corrugated building located on the outskirts of Cwmllynfell and Cefnbrynbrain. It was a satellite of Cwmllynfell Chapel, and has been demolished, replaced with a remembrance stone.
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Bryn Gwilym Chapel was a Baptist Chapel, established as an outgrowth of Bryn Seion, Upper Cwmtwrch. It no longer exists, and appears to have been demolished.
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Brynllynfell Chapel is a Calvinistic Methodist Chapel, located on Cae Du in Cwmllynfell, and in its early years associated with Bethania Chapel, Lower Cwmtwrch.
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Cwmllynfell Chapel is located on Gwilym Road, opposite Cwmllynfell Welfare Hall. Originally constructed in 1786, the current building dates from 1903-1905.
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Rehoboth Chapel was an apostolic chapel constructed in 1953, and located on the outskirts of Cwmllynfell as you head towards Brynamman. It is now closed, and is either up for sale, or sold for private use.
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Saint Margaret's Church is located in Ystradowen, just over the border from Cwmllynfell, and was always seen as the Anglican, Church in Wales, establishment for the town.
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Chapels of Cwmllyfell