Chapels of Penrhos

No places of worship remain in Penrhos at all today. In the past, Moriah Chapel was a Methodist establishment that grew out of Ynys Chapel with the shift in population away from the canal. Peniel Chapel was a congregationalist/independent chapel. And Salem, described as both a schoolroom and a chapel, was an offshoot from Ainon chapel.

Moriah Chapel was located on the main road, Brecon Road, but has since been demolished. It was a Methodist chapel opened in 1906, due to shifting demographics meaning that Ynys Chapel was no longer in an ideal position. It closed in 1981 and was demolished in 1991.
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Peniel Chapel was located on the main road, and was initially contructed in 1859, before being rebuilt in 1910. A congregationalist/independent chapel, it closed in 2006 and was subsequently demolished.
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Salem was a schoolroom or satellite chapel of Ainon Welsh Baptist Chapel, and was located by the junction of Cwmtawe Road and Brecon Road, and in later years was used as an annex to Penrhos School. It has been demolished and replaced with a house.
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Churches and Chapels of Penrhos