Chapels and Churches of Glanrhyd

Libanus Chapel in Glanrhyd is the only active place of worship remaining there. Previously a mission chapel, Saint John's existed on what is now the entrance way to Bro Tawe School, and Eglwys Dduw, by the zebra crossing, is closed and abandoned, but previously was known as the Glanrhyd Gospel Hall.

Eglwys Dduw is located on Wind Road, by the zebra crossing, but has been abandoned for some years now, with uncertain ownership. Previously known as Glanrhyd Gospel Hall, it had a vibrant history as both a place of worship and the home for Band of Hope.
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Libanus Chapel is located on the main road, near to Ystragynlais Community Hospital. It is a Calvinistic Methodist Establishment and is still active today.
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Saint John's was an Anglican, Church in Wales, mission chpapel located where the entrance road to Ysgol Bro Tawe now is. For many years it was used as a venue for other organisations, before being demolished in 2012.
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