Dyffryn Cellwen

Chapels and Churches of Dyffryn Cellwen

Dyffryn Cellwen at the head of the Dulais Valley includes within its borders today establishments which in the past might have been listed as being at Banwen, Maesmarchog, or Onnlwyn.

Saint David's Church is located by what today is the border with Banwen, opposite Banwen Rugby Club, and was constructed in the 1920s as a branch church of Saint Mary's, Seven Sisters. It is still going strong today.
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Noddfa Chapel was a Calvinistic Methodist establishment, and the building, now sold and converted to private use, can be seen opposite the shop in Dyffryn Cellwen.
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Calfaria Chapel was a Baptist establishment, located at Maesmarchog, and shown by maps to have existed where there is open land, plus a small play area, alongside Maesmarchog School, Dyffryn Cellwen.
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In the past, Bryn Seion Chapel and Siloh Chapel also existed within Dyffryn Cellwen, somewhere between Pantyffordd and Onllwyn, but we have not yet tied down their exact locations or many details about them.
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Dyffryn Cellwen Chapels and Churches