Chapels and Churches of Crynant

Crynant currently has four active places of worship - Godre'Rhos Chapel, Saron Chapel, Bethel Chapel, and Saint Margaret's Church. In addition, Crynant has the closed Salem Chapel. Bethania Chapel has been demolished, and Zion Chapel has been converted into a workshop.

Godre'Rhos Chapel is located off the road that comes over the moor from Ystradgynlais. It is an independent chapel, founded in 1754, and the current building dates to 1855.
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Saron Chapel began life as a Sunday School building for Godre'Rhos Chapel, but was established as an independent cause of its own in 1908. It remains a flourishing bi-lingual chapel.
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Bethel Chapel is situated on School Road, Crynant and is a Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, built in 1923 and rebuilt in 1931. It remains open for worship.
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Saint Margaret's Church is an Anglican, Church in Wales, church with regular services. It is located alongside a Chapel of Ease, which was the former establishment of the church, some of which dates back to the 13th century.
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Salem Chapel was a Calvinistic Methodist place of worship, located in Brynawel road. It closed in 2017, but the building has been preserved as a community asset by a charitable trust.
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Bethania Chapel was a Baptist establishment on Woodland Road, and was constructed in 1907. It has been demolished and replaced with a private house. When it closed, its congregation united with that of Saron Chapel, Crynant.
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Zion Chapel was a Calvinistic Methodist chapel located on Neath Road, Crynant. It was first constructed in 1821, and rebuilt in 1868, but is now closed. The building survives and is now used as a workshop.
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Crynant Chapels and Churches